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President's Letter

President's Letter

On behalf of the sisters of the Theta Theta Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta National Fraternity, welcome! I’m thrilled to see that you are interested in Greek life! As a small commuter campus, Brooklyn College doesn't have as much of a community feel as an away school would. Greek life gives us that sense of belonging.


I came across Meet the Greeks two years ago as a hungry and broke college kid. I heard the event would have free food so I went, got some cute folders, ate some cupcakes, signed some sheets with my number, and went to class. I thought I was the last person to be involved in Greek life. I love my sweats, hate makeup, play various sports, had a GPA to maintain, and have the strictest parents. I ended up getting a text from a sister in Alpha Xi Delta shortly after Meet the Greeks and decided to go to the next event. (It had more free food!) This sorority had more to it than some great pizza.


All Greek letters stand for something, but Alpha Xi Delta means something different. It means taking pride in sisterhood and involvement in academics. It means celebrating diversity because everyone has something unique to offer. Through it, I've met people who have changed my college experience and life in various ways. I didn’t know a single person at Brooklyn College before I attended. Now, there isn't a class I take where I don't recognize at least a handful of people. I didn't know the journey I was about to embark on when I attended my first recruitment event, but I am ecstatic I did. Alpha Xis have been there for me from day one, even before I knew it. I met my best friends that I’d be standing next to at bid day, at orientation and had sisters help me choose my first classes as a freshman before knowing we even had a Greek life.


Sisters have provided me with an invaluable support system. They’ve helped me apply to and get my first job, and supported me in joining CLAS Student Government. I've gained leadership skills and made unbreakable bonds with people who have made me laugh til my stomach started cramping. I met girls who have brought out my best self and made strive to be a better person. I am honored to be a member of the Theta Theta chapter of Alpha Xi Delta and proud to support an outstanding philanthropy, advocating and raising tens and thousands of dollars to make a difference for children and families affected by autism. It's an indescribable feeling to be able to continue traditions that have been established over 100 years ago.


While we pride ourselves in our national status and deep historic roots, we have thrived as a chapter over the years. With over 55 active sisters, there is always someone to talk to, hangout with, cry to, study with, and most importantly, there will always be a room full of girls who will love you just the way you are. Our sisters come from various backgrounds and differ in ages, majors, skills and everything in between. I’ve only been a sister for two years now and everything I’ve dedicated to this chapter has rewarded me back two fold. The only thing better than knowing I’ll have four years of memories, is knowing that I will have sisterhood that will last a lifetime.


It is important that one finds a group of friends that fits them, not vice versa. Here in Alpha Xi Delta I can wholeheartedly say that we have a little something for everyone, and that is something beautiful. There is not one “sorority type.” Alpha Xi allows me to be myself and  still feel completely at home! Afterall, home is where the heart is. I hope that you too can share with your sisters the cherished memories and sisterhood that we have each found in Alpha Xi Delta.