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President's Letter

President's Letter

Dear Potential Future Sister,


Hello! On behalf of the sisters of the Theta Theta Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta, welcome! The fact that you’re reading this means that you have a curiosity in greek life here at Brooklyn College. Or maybe you just stumbled upon this event for the free food. Either way, you’re here now, as am I. Let me share a bit about myself and all of the events that led me here.


I first heard about greek life over two years ago as a freshman at orientation. I didn’t know Brooklyn College had greek life, and I was nervous about what that meant. Hesitantly, I attended Meet the Greeks, which is where you likely received this folder. I, like you, gave some girls my contact information and took a couple of folders, leaving just as confused as when I came. Luckily, my confusion didn’t last long. I was soon contacted by a sister of Alpha Xi Delta about the next event they were having. I attended because school was just starting and I didn’t have any friends yet, and haven’t looked back since.


Over the past two years as a sister, I have found a place where I truly belong. I didn’t know anyone when I started college, and suddenly I had 50 new friends welcoming me. It was overwhelming at first but, in time, I learned so much about each and every woman in the chapter. I have learned that we are all unique, yet connected by this one amazing thing. We all come from different backgrounds and differ in ages, hobbies, and everything in between, and we learn so much from each other. In Alpha Xi Delta, all of us individuals come together to make something amazing. If I had not joined my freshman year I do not know where I would be right now. My sisters have helped me choose my major, find a job, and also have some fun along the way. Proudly, I can say that I have found not only the cliché “sisters,” but true friends, confidants, supporters, and people I genuinely like. I know that no matter what I do I have amazing people cheering me on.


The sisters of Alpha Xi Delta take great pride in not only our 120+ year national history, but also in our 25+ year history right here at Brooklyn College. At Brooklyn College, Alpha Xis, and greek life members in general, are everywhere you look. You can find Alpha Xis in the library, cafeteria, or in any of your classes proudly wearing their letters. It is an amazing feeling to have a friend almost everywhere you go.


Right here at Brooklyn College, in Alpha Xi Delta, you can find your home. We have a little bit of everything here, and there is a place for everyone. We all have so much love for our sorority and each other, and we want to share that love with you. It is so important to find the org that best fits you, as Alpha Xi Delta fit me like a puzzle piece. Be yourself and have fun! If you decide to join greek life, you will never be alone.


Taylor Castro

Chapter President