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Letter From Membership Vice President

Letter From Membership Vice President

Hey girl!


            My name is Lucille Czerniuk and I am the Membership Vice President of Alpha Xi Delta of the Theta Theta chapter at Brooklyn College. I am thrilled that you are interested in Greek Life.  All the information about Alpha Xi Delta is right here in this folder!

            I remember being in your shoes, reading through my folder. I was so determined to find the perfect fit for me and I can honestly say my connection with Alpha Xi Delta was so natural. I knew I wanted to call all the lovely ladies of the sorority my sisters. Watching all the sisters singing their songs with such passion and having a great time automatically caught my attention. It was clear that alpha Xi delta was their heart and sole. All the sisters made me feel welcomed and helped me finally find my place of belonging at Brooklyn College. I belonged with Alpha Xi Delta. I joined Alpha Xi Delta a year and a half ago and it has opened so many windows in my life. I have and continue to take part in raising money for Autism Speaks, I have grown in my leadership skills to a level that I never imagined and most importantly, I have made friendships that will last a lifetime! Here in Alpha Xi Delta you are guaranteed support from every sister. Whether you need help picking out an outfit or you need help making a life changing decision, you will 100% have the support and help you need from the sisters.

            I will never forget when I was told I was elected for Membership Vice President. I was so thrilled because receiving this position meant the sisters of Alpha Xi Delta saw capabilities in me that I didn’t even see in myself. Although I always wanted to have this position, I never had full confidence in myself, but my sisters helped me realize my potential and motivated me to grow in my leadership skills. Now with the confidence my sisters helped gain, I am giving back to them for all their help and have the amazing opportunity to write this letter to you! I couldn’t be any more grateful to have them in my life, and nonetheless call them my sisters!

            I can keep telling an endless amount of great memories my sisters and I have had but no words will ever fully describe how truly grateful I am that Alpha Xi Delta and I have found each other and that’s why we want you to experience it yourself! We want you to have lifelong sisters. We want you to contribute to finding a cure for Autism. We want to help you become the great leader you are capable of being and you can find all that and more right here with Alpha Xi Delta. We the sisters are looking forward to spending more time with you and getting to know our future Xi’s!


Lucille Czerniuk

Membership VP