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Letter From Membership Vice President

Letter From Membership Vice President

Hey Girl!


My name is Jennifer Kholodenko and I am the Membership Vice President of the Theta Theta Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta at Brooklyn College! I am so excited that you have began to consider a potential future in Greek Life for the next few years of your college experience! Look through this folder, come to our events, and see for yourself if Alpha Xi Delta can be your new family - not 4 years, but for life.


To be entirely honest, being part of a sorority was something that I had never envisioned myself in, and as I type this, I could not be more fond of the letters I wear across my chest. My education always came first for me, so I was a little hesitant on joining an organization that required my time and dedication, but after coming to all of my rush events and seeing how much fun these girls have and how many stories and memories they share, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. I joined Alpha Xi Delta a year ago, and I have already been trusted with a position on our Executive Board. This has pushed, tested, and brought out leadership skills I did not know I possessed. My sisters saw and believed in me more than I believed in myself. It truly is an incredible feeling to know there is a constant support system that will have my back no matter what. These girls I call my sisters have become a part of my daily life that I truly could not live without.


Being part of Alpha Xi Delta has allowed me to form friendships with people that I used to walk past on campus, and now, I can’t take five steps without seeing someone I know on campus. Especially while attending a commuter school as you and I both do, I found that it is incredibly important to find ways to create friendships and bonds so that your college years don’t slip past your fingertips - and being part of Alpha Xi Delta has allowed me to do that and more.


What does it mean to be national? I was traveling in Italy this past summer, and found myself in the ruins of Pompeii, literally in the middle of nowhere. I saw this group of girls walk past me with my letters on their shirt and I ran up to them quicker than you can imagine. I had bumped into a group of girls from the Alpha Xi Delta chapter at Temple University, halfway across the world, and already we were able to sing the same songs, know the same ceremonies, and I had a connection with girls who were seemingly strangers to me at first. I walked away from them with my hands literally shaking - an unexplainable feeling.


It is truly hard to summarize how much this sorority means to me in a single page and I will never have enough words to say how truly grateful I am that I had found Alpha Xi Delta, which is why we want you to come experience it for yourself. Within the next two weeks come see what we have to offer and hopefully you will be able to see yourself as a part of this sisterhood. We, the sisters, are looking forward to spending more time with you and getting to know our future Xi!


If you have any questions or want to get to know me or Alpha Xi Delta a little better, feel free to email me at jenniferaxid@gmail.com



Jennifer Kholodenko

Membership Vice President